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October 2017

child abduction melbourne

Child Abduction – When Legal Advice Becomes Necessary!

Has your child abducted by your partner or any other family member? There is no surprise in stating that this is a more common practice in Australia than you might think.

Usually, parents or family members abduct children when they are not satisfied with the ongoing parenting arrangements or have to leave their present residing area. According to the statistical reports of 2017, there had more than 110 cases where one parent abducted a child or children without considering the consent of her partner.

Parenting Arrangements in Melbourne – What You Need to Know?

As per the law, parents can decide between two parenting arrangements for their child or children:

  • Shared Agreement – Under this agreement, both the parents agree mutually to share the caring expenditures of their child or children.
  • Sole Agreement – According to this agreement, only one parent is legally consented to take care of a child without seeking any intervention from the other parent.

Under the sole agreement, a parent can reside within or outside the country without the approval of another parent. However, in the shared agreement, it becomes mandatory for both the parents to take prior consent of their partner before executing any such action. If in case a parent breaches the act, then he becomes liable for numerous legal matters.

Resolving Issues in Child Abduction – How the Experts in Melbourne Can Help You!

The life of an abducted child can be very stressful. Even, the same can be overwhelming for the other parent, particularly in the sole agreement situation. If you are experiencing a similar problem and are not aware of the whereabouts of your child and even don’t have any knowledge about the legal procedures to follow, then things can be tougher.

Bringing the child back to the home can be tough, but expert legal professionals can always help you.

We are professional lawyers possessing the requisite expertise and experience in handling such cases. We are available with all the resources needed to instigate prompt actions and ensuring that your child comes back home safely. We are legal experts specializing in matters involving parenting arrangements, domestic violence, family laws, international laws, and child abduction.

If your child had abducted and you don’t wish him to travel to other country or state without your consent, then you need to follow the below procedures.

  • File an application with a good family lawyer in Melbourne.
  • Avail an order from the court in order to prevent your child from travelling distances without your consent, or
  • Avail an order from the court that limits the duration of your child travel, or
  • Avail an order from the court preventing your child from travelling under the request of the Australia Federal Police. For this, you need to add your child’s name to the watch list of Family Law.

Definitely, this is an unfortunate situation, but if you are experiencing the pain, then don’t give it a second thought. Remember one thing! There are decisive legal avenues that can be practised to bring back your child to his home. If the situation is within one country, then the process is simple and can be resolved at the earliest, but if it is between countries, then it may take some extended time, but eventually, things will be streamlined.

If you have an urge to bring your child back to you, then call the best legal experts in South Pacific region that can provide you with all necessary help.