About Us

To start with; we are a bunch of smart and passionate lawyers from various South Pacific regions!

How did we come together?

We share a similar passion for making laws simple to understand and share the knowledge with the people who are interested to know about laws or who are going through legal situations themselves and seeking information; such as, those who are either migrating from one country to another, going through separation from their partners, seeking child custody across the border and many more.

The first we noticed is that people get nervous the moment they see themselves in a legal battle! As we are on the other side of the fence, we clearly understand their apprehension. There will be a lot of things at stake when someone’s dealing with a legal issue right from the money matters to relationships.

This blog is tailored to answer some primary questions about legal situations. This is a generic blawg and in no way is equivalent to a legal advice. Every situation needs thorough deliberation and option exploration. Please seek relevant legal advice to address your situation.